Cleaning Procedures

Arcade & Redemption

  •  All games will be wiped with disinfectant cleaner if they have any of the following: buttons, handles, seats, card readers, steering wheel, guns, basketballs, paddles or pucks
  • Ticket eaters will also be cleaned with cleaner in the same areas
  • Redemption counter will have one way signs and arrows to help with social distancing, we will be allowing only one family at a time at the counter
  • Payment kiosk will be cleaned with a microfiber cloth and spray as needed
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be located throughout the arcade

Bowling Front Desk

  • Counters will be wiped down with disinfectant spray every hour or more often if it is busier
  • Customers will be required to social distance in line when waiting. There will be signs on the floor where it will be acceptable to wait
  • Credit card machines will have a longer cord for the customer to use and still keep a distance from the front desk staff. Customers will have the ability to wipe it down if they choose so before use.
  • Shoes will be sprayed when returned from the lanes with a disinfectant spray and dried before being put away
  • Lottery players must now get in line to play or redeem any tickets
  • Pool balls will be cleaned once they are returned from the customer

Bowling Lanes & Tables

  • Seats and tables will be cleaned once everyone is done with disinfectant cleaner
  • Tablets will be wiped with microfiber cloth and spray after every customer
  • Balls will be left on the return for our employees to clean and disinfect before returning to the racks
  • Menus will now be located under the food & drink tab in the Sync system for customer use
  • There will be a lane skipped between each lane to keep with social distances rules
  • Two lanes can be used together for a group but a lane must be skipped on each side

Pool Room

  • Pool tables will be cleaned after every use, this will include tops of tables and where balls are returned to the customer
  • Sticks will be left on the tables after customer use for us to clean and dry.
  • Stools & tables will be cleaned after each use with the disinfectant cleaner


  • The bar top seating will now be spread out to keep social distancing requirements
  • Tables and chairs will also be spread out to promote social distancing
  • After every use chairs and tables will be cleaned with disinfectant cleaner
  • Single use plasticware will be used in the bar to help with stopping the spread
  • Increase in regular cleaning procedures will be used to keep the bar clean

Snack Bar

  • All counters will be cleaned as needed with the disinfectant cleaner
  • Seats will be covered to promote social distancing, also seats in use will be cleaned after every use
  • Single use utensils, condiments & plates will be used to promote a safe environment
  • All usual cleaning tasks will be done more routinely to promote a safe environment
  • All menus will be digital either on a tv or in the SYNC system under food & drink

Employee Safety & Responsibility


  • Once we open for the foreseeable future masks will be required through out your shift. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you at no cost for your shift.
  • Please try to keep it to one mask per shift unless something happens to your mask. For example it rips or gets dirty from a substance
  • A mask may be cleaned by spraying disinfectant spray on the mask and letting said mask dry

Feeling Sick

  • If you are feeling sick or have any symptoms of Covid -19 you must stay home
  • If you or somebody you are in direct contact, has tested positive you must stay home. You must then be tested and once are cleared then and only then can you return to work.
  • The federal government has given you 10 Covid-19 sick days to use if this happens
  • All communications must be made to Mike to record it for business compliance


  • Hand sanitizer will be available to all staff members at all desks/server stations and throughout the facility.
  •  Team members will wash their hands for 20+ seconds with soap and water after the following and prior to the start of their shift.
  • After you use the restroom
  • Before and after you handle raw foods
  • After you touch your hair, face, or body
  • After you sneeze, cough or use a handkerchief or tissue
  • After you smoke, eat or drink
  • After you use chemicals
  • After you take out the trash
  • After you bus tables and dirty dishes
  • After you touch anything that could contaminate your hands
  • Every time you change your gloves

Sanitizing stations

  • There will be 8 stations located throughout the center
  • Before your shift you will be responsible for making sure the stations are full
  • They will be tied down using a chain, if you need help filling them please ask for help
  • The extra sanitizer will be located in the electrical room so no customers can have access to them